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Advantages of a Photocopier over a Printer

A photocopier is a machine that replicates papers. The technology used in modern copiers is termed as xerography which is a dry process that makes use of electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor. It attracts toner particles and transfers them onto paper. It has a small-scale and large scale model. The small-scale is usually used at home while the large one is used in businesses and offices. A printer, on the other hand, is a device that turns text and graphics from a computer to an output in a paper. To function, it would need different colors of ink. It varies in size, speed, capacity, and cost. Usually, printers that have high resolution are the most expensive. Let the company give you a run-through on why you should choose photocopiers over printers.

Its parts

A normal photocopier has a few parts. First is the photoreceptor drum or belt. It is the most critical part of the machine. The second is the toner which is the pigmented liquid. Its other name is dry ink that is responsible for producing copies of papers and texts. The third is the corona wires. Its job is to transfer a field of positive charge to the photoreceptor’s surface. Fourth is the light which has a big role in copying a paper. Last is the fuser. Its function is to melt and press the toner image to the copy paper. It is also responsible for the final touches on the duplicate paper to be ejected from the machine. If a part of the copier gets broken, you may visit the store. Aside from the Copier Leasing Services in Pittsburgh, they also sell copier parts. They are guaranteed to be high-grade and affordable. 

Perks of using copiers over printers 

Copiers and printers are somehow similar with regard to their functions. For businesses, Copier Leasing Services in Pittsburgh is more ideal because it is cheaper than renting a printer. With regards to the practical advantages of photocopiers to printers, allow the copier leasing services to have a quick run-through. First and foremost, it is convenient to use. It can do its job way faster than a printer. Also, it can copy single or multiple texts and documents quickly. Technical expertise is not required in using this one. Unlike laser printers and inkjets, the operator should know how to manipulate the device. Second, copiers copies documents quickly and easily. The amount per copy is also cheaper relative to a copy produced by a printer. Third, it increases the functionality and productivity of businesses. It prevents delays of paper works to be submitted because employees get to focus more on other tasks. Fourth, it can print on both sides. It speeds up the printing process of papers as well as reduces the amount of paper to be used. Fifth, some of the photocopiers available now have a scanner and printer. The company offers Copier Leasing Services in Pittsburgh for such a model. Current clients may opt to upgrade their units into this one or to a higher version once the lease agreement expires. 

A business needs to differentiate photocopiers from printers to know which one works best and more suitable to the needs and goals of their business. Though Copier Leasing Services in Pittsburgh can provide you both, determine which is more economical. In the long run, the money saved for foregoing the other may be used for more useful functions. The best option for many is business copiers because of the efficiency it provides to a company. Employees can work well and be more productive since copiers aren’t complex, unlike printers. It also saves money because it does not use inks which are quite pricey.