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Getting to Know the Copier and Its Types

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COPIER are machines that have the ability to photocopy, fax, print and scan documents. Of course, these services aren’t available to all copier machines and they all have limitations on the amount of workload they can deliver. This would depend on the type and model of the machine that you are going to use. Some of the common types of copiers out there are the black & white copiers, color copiers, multifunctional copiers, and the desktop copiers.

The black & white copier, also known as the Mono copiers, is the most traditional type of copier. This type of copier could only photocopy in black and white, which means that only documents containing texts can be photocopied with this type of photocopier.  

The color copier compensates for this limitation since this type of copier can also photocopy in color allowing both texts and colored images to be photocopied.

Multifunctional copiers are the copiers that could fax, print, scan, and photocopy. These copiers are those that are usually used inside the office where all these features are used.

Lastly, desktop copiers are similar to the multifunctional copiers but are instead fitted only for A4 sized papers. They are relatively smaller in size, hence the name “desktop copier.”

Now each type of copier has a version for low volume and those of high volume in terms of the amount and speed at which they could produce copies or print documents. Each type of copier has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, it’s the customer’s job to know the copier machine that would fit his needs. Luckily, copier services now lease coper machines to their customers.

But above all else, aside from knowing what type of copier you need, it is also imperative that customers display proper maintenance and care for the machines. In this way, you protect both your investment and the good of your business.