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Major Functions That Your Copier Can Do

Years of engineering talent and a clear market incentive for multi-purpose and all-in-one copiers have combined to make copiers that do much more than just print and copy documents. These copiers are sometimes called, more descriptive, multifunction devices, since they can scan, print, copy and even fax documents. 

The latest releases of multi-function devices offer additional options for finishing documents, for organising them in an efficient and ready-to-use way. Document finishers are also very useful modules that connect to multifunction devices and give them time-saving capabilities. Here are some of the things that you can expect your copier to do. 

Staple and hole-punch documents

If your institution or office still requires people to staple or to hole-punch their own documents, you are missing out on important efficiency-improving technology. There are modern printers and copiers that can staple documents themselves, using automated processes to make the resulting documents more durable and giving them a good and professional appearance. 

Creating booklets

The process of making a document into a booklet requires using a saddle stitch finisher. This can put a centred staple in a batch of documents and then fold them into booklet format. This is great for creating welcome booklets. 

Integrate with mobile, email, and cloud services

Office technology is fast changing to a paperless environment. A part of that transition involves taking paper documents and transforming them into digital ones. To do this, the copiers today integrate with numerous networks in order to send and to receive documents through the internet. 

You can now scan images of documents to mail, and you can even convert them into editable PDFs in the process. You can also print images and texts straight off of your mobile phone or you can also make physical copies of digital documents located on a cloud-based platform like Google Docs.

Fold documents from your copier

If you have ever tried to make a simple, image-heavy business flyer, you know that reliably folding a massive number of individual papers gets boring. Not only that, it is very hard to maintain the consistent quality when manually folding pages, for every one booklet that comes out looking good, it seems like two or three are just a few millimetres shy of a perfect fold. 

Finishing modules can fold papers in a lot of ways, using repeatable, mechanised actions to make perfectly consistent folds. You can also create Z-shaped folds or folds designed to fit inside envelopes with ease. You do not need a specialised envelope printer to make hundreds of mail-ready envelopes. 

Multifunction devices with a capability to envelope-print can print images and texts directly onto envelopes, including address information that changes from envelope to envelope. This takes a massive amount of time out of the process of starting a direct mail campaign, either for marketing or for institutional purposes. 

The issue that many offices run into with photocopies is trying to find one that is the right size for the space that you have available. Either it takes up way too much room or it is not massive enough to handle the workload that is required by the office. Not only do you have to account for the height and the width, but depth too. 

One thing to keep in mind when looking at copiers and especially when considering size is that massive models will have the room to accommodate more paper, keeping you going for longer without needing to restock or refill. Outside of large production machines, a lot of modern copiers have been reduced in size to make them more compact, usable and manoeuvrable. This allows your business to accomplish the same tasks as larger, older machines without taking up massive amounts of room. This is doubly important in any office where space is at a premium. 

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