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Essential Features of Multifunction Copier and Printer

Even small businesses these days need multifunction copiers and printers. If small business owners don’t invest in these devices, they will lose many opportunities and conveniences. However, they don’t need to settle for just any printer and copier that comes their way. The device should have the essential features needed to live up with ultimate performance and function the way they intend to be to benefit their small business. 

Distinguishing a Copier from a Printer 

Before business owners can dig deeper into what features they are looking for in a small business multifunction copier and printer, it’s best to know the difference between them. 

A copier is known as a photocopying device allowing users to make duplicate copies of images or documents, while a printer is a peripheral device creating a solid copy of digital data shown on the computer screen. Printers are often used to connect to computers wirelessly or by using USB. A printer can be connected to several computers allowing these computers to print on that printer.

The latest models can support digital cameras, memory cards, and scanners. High-end models for businesses are also available with copier, scanner, and fax features. These are called multifunctional printers. 

There has been a long-running confusion between a printer and a copier. With innovation and technology advancing, many people are getting more confused about these two devices, including their functions and features. 

It’s simple to differentiate since the primary purpose of a copier is to make duplicate copies. The major purpose of a printer is to print, but multipurpose printers can do both and more. 

Features that Every Small Business Multifunction Copier and Printer Should Have 

Many small businesses and startups invest in multifunctional printers and copiers. Each device offers sets of features designed to boost its performance and functionality. 

Multifunctional printers are devices that combine the functionality of a copier, scanner, or fax machine and a printer in one. These printers are often the preferred choice for budget-minded small business owners to reduce costs, consolidate assets and improve workflow. 

For these types of printers, the following features are needed to convince a small business owner that these devices are worth investing for: 

  • Basic hardware-Multifunctional printers must include basic hardware to run a small business properly and cost-effectively. 
  • WiFi connectivity-this is a vital feature that allows scanning directly to the cloud for easier and faster access by others on the network. 
  • Print speed-a multifunctional printer should at least print ten pages per minute. If small business owners choose a printer below the standard print speed specification, this may affect the overall productivity of their small business. 
  • Laser versus inkjet-laser printers and inkjet printers are available, but laser printers are better choices since these devices are more efficient. These also display features that enable them to print faster.

Moreover, essential features vital for a small business multifunction copiers are as follows: 

  • Speed and quality features -If copiers don’t print fast enough, they won’t be able to keep up with business needs. Therefore, small business owners should pay attention to essential features of multifunctional copiers, such as speed and quality level for business printing needs. The right speed and quality features would ensure that business owners meet their daily operations. 
  • Multifunctional performance-Multifunctional copiers for small businesses should have the ability to email, fax, scan, copy and print documents. These devices should have the capability of initiating all these functions. Some copiers even feature automatic document feeders. 
  • Reduce and enlarge-Another feature vital for a small business multifunction copier is the ability to enlarge or reduce the size of the document. 
  • Automatic sorting-Also a helpful feature is the automatic sorting. This makes the copy in the same order as the original document.

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Equipping small businesses with the right multifunctional copiers and printers will improve daily efficiency and productivity. Now that business owners know the features vital for multifunction copiers and printers, it would be easier for them to choose what device to purchase or probably lease or rent. This also keeps workers happy and able to concentrate on things that affect their bottom line.

It’s, therefore, a smart move for small business owners to purchase multifunction printers and copiers. We are here to assist them in renting, buying, or leasing copiers and printers to meet their printing needs.  We also guarantee them reliable tech support and other related services. Feel free to contact us now.