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Copier Leasing Stuff That You Should Check Thoroughly

Copier leasing service is not as simple as many might assume because there are just a lot of things, of course, that one should be very aware of when it comes to leasing per se. Copier lease Pittsburgh deals are popular which makes it easy to think that perhaps it should not require much meticulousness to apply. 

However, such popularity may even make it a little harder given that some copier lease service may not be able to orient you with the things you have to know as a consumer so that you can make a wise decision. Most of them might just offer you the trends and the easy way in, so here is a list of the top three things you should be vigilant about in leasing a copier:

Choosing the right type of copier lease deal.

There are two kinds of copier leases. One is the Fair Market Value Lease and the other is Dollar Buyout Lease. The former is the most popularly subscribed to lease. The way it works is that at the end of the lease term, your leaser will inform you of the fair market value of the machine you have leased, and for that amount of money you can simply buy it from them.

If you don’t want to buy the machine for its given fair market value though, you will be just required to send back your machine to your copier leasing company in Pittsburgh. They will shoulder the expenses for shipping and even pick the device up themselves right from your office. Now, this is a good deal as returning a machine yourself could cost quite a bit with all the shipping fees and the effort alone in arranging that yourself. In this lease, you can be assured that you have to do nothing when it comes to those things. All you have to worry about is being a good customer and simply paying your dues. 

The latter lease type is actually an interesting one. It simply works in a way that you can just buy your leased machine at the end of the day for just $1. Sounds like a non-arguably better deal than the former, right? But it is not. The overall cost of the machine and the other lease fees that come with this lease type are just too expensive. Still, it just sounds tempting that in the end, you get to buy out the machine for only a dollar, unlike the fair market value.

It is up to you to choose wisely between these two lease types. It is important as this will be the framework for your budget. 

Copier Leasing Stuff That You Should Check Thoroughly

Is there a copier maintenance service included in the lease deal?

It is important to know for sure whether your lease package includes maintenance services. With the popularity of copier leasing deals especially in Boise, you have the luxury of selecting a copier leasing company with such a service rolled into one whole copier lease deal. You can also have a variety of choices of these types of deals that are really affordable and are just such a good business deal. Well, this is also helpful in the long run as your office will no longer have to worry about maintenance schedules as the company will make sure that are monitored and followed already. All you have to do is enjoy the machine.

Make sure you know your office’s volume needs.

It is important to know how many copies you need, how much you use the machine in your workplace and many other volume statistics. When it comes to leasing copiers, knowing this valuable piece of information will get you better deals. If you are not fully aware of what your office really needs, your budget will be compromised for unnecessary leases or lease fees for excessive or lacking hold of the product. 

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