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Everything you Need to Know About Office Copiers and Printers

Most of us are not that familiar with the key differences between copiers and printers. Some may like printers as they can do most of the jobs like printing, copying, scanning, and even faxing. Copiers are often seen in businesses, unlike printers which can be found even in almost all households. But here’s to everything you need to know about office copiers and printers.

Their differences

  • A copier duplicates documents, and images into the same size or hard-bound paper. Printers, on the other hand, print digitals images, texts, or files into hard-bound papers. With printers, you may change their text context, edit images or resize them before hard-bound printing.
  • They have different copying or printing volumes in a day. Their production has a major difference of 50 percent to be exact. Copiers can do a thousand copies in a day while the printer may take time to load for such a heavy number of volumes. The main reason why copiers can produce more copies is that they are bound to copy with the element of checking quality, color, and size. With printers, you need to take a clear image, thus quality is needed to be checked.
  • Their network capability is not the same. Copiers have limited access to being remotely taken in control, unlike printers. The latest models of copiers can be accessed through WIFI but the latest printers can be retrieved even when there is no person around. It just needs to be connected to the WIFI if that is the case.

Their similarities

  • Besides their massive production, copiers and printers can improve the context of the text or images. From the applications that can be downloaded free in the play store or app stores, even old images can be enhanced through an app in copiers. Printers, on the other hand, can edit texts, edit images that beautify their color mixtures.
  • Both of them offer space-saving equipment. Before, copiers are the biggest machines in printing businesses. However, through some innovations, space-saving tips offer technology to evolve, and thus, copiers have been changed to minimal sizes without complicating their production ability. Printers are the best space saver among them. The main reason for this is that printers are often used in offices, unlike copiers.

The pros of buying them

  • Both of this office equipment offer long durability of lifespan. You may check the warranty to be sure before buying one. Thinking of the amount you may spend from buying these two, however, with the long working years that they can stay, surely your invested amount will take payment.
  • Asides from the durable working years, these two machines have lesser maintenance fees when being checked. According to copier and printer technicians of some well-known brands, almost all the city-states in the US had their people. And most of the common concerns can be answered by just calling the hotline.
  • Inks are much cheaper nowadays. And with this, the lesser expense will be paid for changing inks and using them. Printers have different cartridges and you must be aware of them before buying inks. With copiers, you just need to find suitable ink for your usage. Buying can be done even just by calling their hotlines and can be delivered directly at home.
  • Think of having these two as an investment. With so many labor fees, electricity, and the convenience they offer, having one in your office is a must. If you want them to be made into businesses, you may need to consider buying at least 2 or more machines.


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With a lot of factors to consider, having just one piece of copier or printer in your office can relieve the overwhelm at work. Always think that working smart is better than working hard. While you are printing or copying at your convenience, you may take that extra time as an opportunity to do other tasks or just a sip of coffee while eating another meal.