Should You Buy or Lease a Copier for Your Business?

Indeed, buying equipment can be a costly expenditure. But, for a business to improve and develop, one must invest in it. Investing does not mean that the company will buy it because there is still the option of leasing. Yet, the question is would it be better to buy or lease it? Printers are necessary to a company because it produces actual copies of documents. Buying or leasing it depends on the company’s financial capability. They also consider the urgency of needing such equipment. Many other factors can also affect the company’s decision. Here are some pointers to remember when choosing between buying or leasing a printer.

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Leasing Printers

When a business gets a printer lease, the upfront cost is much lower than buying it outright. Leasing is a good choice for small businesses. The reason is that small companies don’t have that much money reserved for buying it. Instead, they can divide the cost as monthly payments but with a certain percentage of interest. The amount payable will be higher compared to its original list because of that. For big companies with enormous capital, investing in printers by buying one is the best choice. Why lease printers when there is enough to buy one? It would only incur extra costs because of the interest charged on a lease.

Buying Printers

When buying printers, companies consider the type to choose. They have the option to acquire high-end printers for high-quality printouts, low-cost printers that are for minimal expenses in the long run, and many more. However, they should consider that buying one is a critical decision. It may leave the business in shards because of capital loss. It can even be the cause of a company’s liquidation. These are mere facts that can result from an unregistered mistake in decision-making. This is why the business should consider the financial position of the company. That should be the deciding factor if the company will buy a copier. If the company observes good standing financially, that’s the time when they can buy one with no problems ahead. But, if the company is at the edge, wait until it becomes better.

What’s in it in the long run?

Businesses should foresee what’s in store for them in the long run when purchasing equipment. Considering such will benefit the company to know if it is a good deal. In leasing or buying copiers, it depends on the business’ standing. Small businesses can get a great deal out of a printer lease. Although it can cost much more than the regular price, it is still the best choice for the business. Leasing allows them to budget their money without worrying about expenses. It also helps them in maintaining the financial health of the company. Aside from that, leasing lets their business handle finances and other expenditures. On the opposite side, big businesses have so much more in store for them if they buy it outright. With loads of reserve funds, they can buy a copier with no worries to handle. Buying it outright lessens the payables of the company. For that reason, they can budget their money on other things.


Most companies lease printers because of the lower upfront cost. However, the totality of the monthly payments is much more expensive than the list price. For that reason, if a company is in good financial standing, it is better to buy a printer, but if it is not, then leasing is a good choice. It is always better to consider first the capability of the business before making purchases. This is because all decisions affect the industry, and it includes purchasing. If your company plans to lease or buy a printer, check this site for worthy deals. There are countless options to choose from, and the decision is up to you. Check it out.